Corporate Caring Volunteer Week

Corporate Caring Volunteer Week

Do you have a facility that needs painting, clothing or food supplies that need sorting, gardens around your agency in need of sprucing up or other large projects on your agency wish list? By participating in Corporate Caring Volunteer Week your nonprofit can take advantage of committed, high-quality corporate volunteers. Each year, Corporate Caring Volunteer Week connects volunteers from Bay Area businesses to hundreds of projects organized by local nonprofits.

Below you’ll find information to help you develop your projects and successfully submit them online. Please pay special attention to our Project Guidelines and Project Planning Checklist.

CORPORATE CARING VOLUNTEER WEEK 2015 dates are September 21- 26, 2015.

Corporate Caring Volunteer Week  2015 Calendar

May 12 – June 19 Agencies submit projects online to Volunteer Center.
July 20 Volunteer Center opens up projects for all businesses to select projects.
August 7 Volunteer Center provides Interim report to agencies on filled projects. Agencies contact volunteer group project leader(s).
August 28 Volunteer Center closes project registration to businesses.
Sept. 4 Volunteer Center provides Final report to agencies on filled projects. Agencies re-confirm with volunteer group project leader(s).

General Corporate Caring Volunteer Week Information

Please watch this 15 minute video and then complete survey before submitting your project.

Video: Chevron Volunteer Week_Agency_Training

Chevron Agency Training Quiz (via Survey Monkey)

Tools for Designing and Planning Projects

Tools for Registering Projects online

Video: Online Project Submission Tutorial

Media tips

Media Tips for Nonprofits

If you would like further assistance, please contact us by email or call the Volunteer Center at 925-472-5760.