New Classes Added for Nonprofits!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of many nonprofit and public agencies and enable agencies to deliver on their missions. Yet learning how to recruit, manage and motivate people along with your legal obligations is difficult to pick up on one’s own. Join us at our trainings for nonprofit agencies. We can help you gain the skills and resources you need to build and maintain volunteer support. We offer trainings in both Alameda and Contra Costa County – See more here!

MLK Day of Service Projects available!

MLK Day of Service/ Youth Action Day is January 19th, 2015! Volunteer projects are available for individuals and groups; we have projects to do through your own school or organization, and with local nonprofits! Register today!MLK what doing

New year, new volunteer you!

Here’s a blog post with 5 great reasons to add volunteering to your New Year’s resolutions. IF you are ready to start searching for your match, click here

Resolve to Volunteer in 2015

FIVE great reasons to make a volunteering resolution this year:

Very few things are as mutually beneficial as volunteering – to our community, to a nonprofit, to a recipient, and even to the volunteer themselves. Here are a few reasons to add volunteering to your resolution list this year! Very few things are as mutually beneficial as volunteering — to our community, to a nonprofit, to a recipient, and
even to the volunteer yourself. Here are a few reasons to add volunteering to your resolution list this year!

1. VOLUNTEERING IS A GREAT VALUE to the volunteer and the nonprofit to the recipient and the community. Did you know that the average value of a volunteer hour to a nonprofit is $22.55? (Of course, communities benefit if members are better off; the clients served are the direct beneficiaries of your time.)
2. VOLUNTEERING IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. Countless studies have proven that doing good is actually good for your physical and mental well being. Get the health boost from making a difference!
3. VOLUNTEERING ACTUALLY DOESN’T TAKE THAT MUCH TIME. Studies of volunteers have shown that people who volunteer don’t really do more than those who don’t, nor do they have to give up other activities in order to find the time. Well, actually, the one area shows a change is that regular volunteers do watch slightly less television than non-volunteers. And isn’t that on your resolution list anyway?
4. VOLUNTEERING HELPS CREATE AND FIND JOBS. If you are searching for employment this year, keep in mind that volunteers are 27% more likely to get hired, and that more than 3/4 of hiring managers consider volunteer experience to be important when assessing a candidate.
5. VOLUNTEERING IS GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. Efficient use of resources helps all of us. Need we say more?
*BONUS REASON: VOLUNTEERING STRENGTHENS THE COMMUNITY AND WORKPLACE. Studies show that workplace volunteering benefits both the community and the employer and employee relationship. Because employees are happier, they can be more productive, and everyone benefits when the community is stronger. Get started today!



Civic engagement is a cornerstone of our democracy.

flag map Participate by serving as an election worker in Alameda or Contra Costa Counties for the November election.

To help in Alameda County, click here.

For Contra Costa County, click here.


Earthquake Volunteers

This note is from The Volunteer Center of Napa County  ( heart napaNapa Quake Update –  If you are able to respond as a volunteer, please go to the Emergency Volunteer Center at Grace Church,  3765 Solano Ave, Napa, CA 94558. ALSO: Napa County has opened a Local Assistance Center (LAC) to help Napa County residents recover from earthquake. Volunteers, especially bilingual (Spanish/English) volunteers are needed to help translate.
LAC hours are 11am to 7pm every day starting today (no end time yet).  They will take any volunteers any time they are available during these hours.  The LAC is located at: 301 1st St, Napa, CA
(Corner of 1st Street and Silverado Trail- formerly JV Wine & Spirit) or please contact Mark Woo at 510-666-7494.

VCEB in the news

The Volunteer Center of the East Bay is in the news! Please check out the good news in the Contra Costa Times by following the link here:

Voluntourism article

Perhaps your summer plans are already booked. Perhaps you even know what you are doing for holiday break two years from now. One thing we know is that volunteering while traveling is becoming more popular, so we thought, just in case you were still making some plans, that we’d share this article. If you are thinking about combining some travel with some volunteering, give it a read. Especially if you are new to volunteer tourism, it can be a helpful place to start. If you’ve been a voluntourist since you were in the Peace Corps years ago, it might have some fresh perspective. It has some good tips to keep in mind as you begin to plan your next trip.

Here is the link (If you don’t wish to be redirected, here’s the url:

AND, if you plan to be close to home, just search The Volunteer Center of East Bay site here for some volunteer opportunities.

Looking for ways your business and employees can engage in the community?

Your business can become part of the East Bay’s  Business Volunteer Council

The Business Volunteer Council (BVC) is a coalition of East Bay businesses sharing a common interest in workplace volunteering and community engagement.
See more here!

GIVING TUESDAY IS HERE! December 3, 2013

Hard to decide which nonprofit to support today? Please consider a donation to theThe Volunteer Center of the East Bay – your contribution supports the work of more than 600 local (Alameda and Contra Costa Counties) nonprofits! Donate today!