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Volunteers are the lifeblood of many nonprofit and public agencies and enable agencies to deliver on their missions. Yet learning how to recruit, manage and motivate people along with your legal obligations is difficult to pick up on one’s own. Join us at our trainings for nonprofit agencies. Also, remember that in non-profit management, training doesn’t apply only to the employees.  Training volunteers may be even more essential, especially in an organization in which volunteers are the interface with the customers or the public.  We can help both employees and volunteers gain the skills and resources they need to make your Agency the best it can be. We offer trainings in both Alameda and Contra Costa County.

Registration and advance payment are required for every session. Please call Heidi Denzler-Halsey at (925) 472-5760 or contact us by email if you have questions.

Some of our legal classes are offered by Hanson Bridgett LLP in partnership with the VCEB.        VCEB has  also partnered with BPM Accountants and Consultants to offer low cost financial and accounting trainings. Both of these organizations are proud to provide trainers in order to enhance the capacity of 600 nonprofits in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.


Join us for our upcoming panel discussion on:

“Embracing an Untapped Volunteer Pool – Adults with Disabilities”

Wondering how to shore up what feels like a shrinking group of volunteers? Join us as our expert panelists unveil the terrific possibilities of embracing disabled adults as volunteers. Learn about the legal, social and practical realities of their many talents and offerings. Become versed in the right questions to ask to fully engage adults with disabilities and find out about the programs that prepare them. You’ll also have the chance to interact with representatives from VCEB member agencies about their client population’s volunteer and job training programs that can support your nonprofit’s volunteer pool.

Thursday October 22, 2015   1PM – 4PM
James Irvine Foundation Conference Center
200 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza Oakland

Cost*: $10  for Member Agencies and $15 for Non Member Agencies

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Sarah Mott, an attorney with Zelle Hofmann,  advises and defends employers in all aspects of employment and labor law. For more than 20 years, she has represented California employers in the public, private and non-profit sectors to create effective
working environments.   Sarah advises employers on a broad range of employment and labor issues, including performance management, diversity, hiring and firing, discrimination and retaliation.
Andrew Hayes is the Alameda County Community Food Bank Volunteer Services Coordinator. He is a Bay Area native with over 7 years of volunteer management experience. Having spent 5 years developing international volunteer programs in East Africa he moved to England where he managed the UK’s largest residential volunteer program, providing respite for people with disabilities.
He currently manages volunteers with varying degrees of physical disabilities and learning differences. His role is dedicated to creating accessible volunteer opportunities for all individuals within the mission and capacity his organization.
Sharon O’Neil is an education specialist who works with students who have moderate to severe disabilities from preschool to adult transition. She works with parents and families to help them embrace their student’s disability. After being a general education teacher for 15 years, She made the transition to special education 17 years ago. Her son Nicholas is 24 years old and is a person with autism. Sharon became a special education teacher because of her journey with him through the school system.
Sharon received her master’s degree in Education from Cal State Hayward and education specialist teaching credential from St. Mary’s College. Recently, she earned her doctorate degree in Education with an emphasis in organizational leadership.
Jason Pokorny is the Volunteer Program Manager at Alameda Health System. He oversees a diverse volunteer program with over 400 active volunteers ranging in age from 18 to 90 and speaking over 20 different languages. Jason grew up in the Bay Area and enjoys travel and the outdoors and has been to 21 countries. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology.Will Sanford is the Executive Director of Futures Explored, Inc., a community-based organization that provides support to over 600 individuals with developmental and other disabilities each year. For over 30 years, Will has been an advocate in promoting and educating the community to accept individuals with disabilities as valuable and contributing members of society. Will also works to ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities have the support and services they need to lead successful and fulfilling lives integrated into the community


Leadership Academy

Leadership is an art that can be learned. These small, interactive classes are focused on you and enhancing your leadership skills. Trainings will be held from 3:00 – 4:30PM at VCEB’s Walnut Creek office. Cost is $35/session for Member Agencies and $50/session for Non Member Agencies*.

Energizing Volunteers

Thursday October 8, 2015       3PM – 4:30PM 

Spark new life into your current volunteers and entice new volunteers with some fun exercises.  Make working with You the hottest ticket in town!

Please note that” Energizing Volunteers” will be held at the following location:

Abode Services                   40849 Fremont Blvd.     Fremont, California

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Facilitator:  Jo A.S. Loss joined the Volunteer Center in May 2012 as Executive Director.  Jo comes with a rich history of volunteerism, notably with the California State PTA where she served as President in 2009-2011. During more than twenty years of service to California’s children and families, Jo held positions as Vice President of Education, Vice President of Leadership Services and served on many statewide committees and commissions.  She was appointed to the State Superintendent of Schools Preschool to College Council for six years. Jo is a seasoned public speaker and has offered workshops on dozen of topics.  Jo is currently a Trustee on the Board of Education for Castro Valley Unified School District, having served as a locally elected official for nineteen years.

* There is a $10 non-refundable registration fee. Registration is in accordance to VCEB Policy.

Performance Management

This  series focuses on relationships with applicants, employees and former employees. Although we will continue to discuss your legal obligations, we will spend equal time on best practices and communication techniques. Specific workshops will address the following:

October Session     Integrating New Employees & Communicating                                                          Your Work Culture  

October 7, 2015             9AM – 11AM                               Concord Police Department

It’s not about the New Employee package anymore. You have a new member on your team. Explore best practices to communicate your culture to new employees during on-boarding. If it’s not going to work, the earlier you know, the better.

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November Session        Navigating Time Off –   Vacation, Sick Leave,                                                        Mandated Leave & Leaves of Absence 

November 4, 2015        9AM – 11AM                               Concord Police Department

There’s nothing more fraught with potential pitfalls than California’s leave laws. Make sure you understand your obligations and have processes and procedures to deal with them.

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December Session         Performance Management & Terminations 

December 2, 2015       9AM – 11AM                               Concord Police Department    

What if it’s not working? How long is long enough? How do we do it without making it personal? The tough stuff.

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The Concord Police Department  is located at:    1350 Galindo Street         Concord

Cost*:    Member Agencies: $35 per training

Non-Member Agencies: $50 per training

*  There is a $10 non-refundable registration fee.  Registration is in accordance to VCEB Policy.

Facilitator: Sarah Mott, an attorney with Zelle Hofmann, advises  and defends employers in all aspects of employment and labor law.  For more than 20 years, she has represented California employers in the public, private and non-profit sectors to create effective working environments. Sarah’s extensive litigation and trial practice includes a wide variety of class action, wage and hour, discrimination and harassment, retaliation and “whistleblower” cases.

Creating a Workplan – Track it to Success!

Learn to use a customizable work plan template which, when complete, serves as a roadmap for project accountability, integration, and timing. Line up the strategies to reach goals and map it all out.  Keep track of who does what, when, and with whom, along with anticipated challenges, resource management and evaluation.

A completed work plan allows each team member to know their role, timing, and how their actions contribute to overall project success.  It is a practical, ready to use tool for those managing any size project and staff.

Thursday October 8, 2015           9AM – 10:30AM

Concord Police Department

1350 Galindo Street     Concord

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 Cost*: $35  for Member Agencies and $50 for Non Member Agencies

*  There is a $10 non-refundable registration fee.  Registration is in accordance to VCEB Policy.

Facilitator: Julie Mason has enjoyed twenty-five years in the non-profit world and recreation. Her areas of experience include recreation, economic education, domestic violence, supportive housing for homeless families, volunteer programs, grant management, and community development. She believes a quality program can make all the difference in inspiring individuals and agencies. Along with occasional consulting, Julie currently runs the Town of Danville’s Volunteer Program and Biddy Sports, a youth sports program for preschoolers.

Financial Statements for Board Members**

Understanding how to communicate your nonprofit organization’s story through the financial statements is essential for board members and management. This session will provide an overview of nonprofit financial statements, highlight key indicators associated with the financial health of an organization, and help board members and management understand how to fulfill your financial fiduciary responsibility. This session is intended for Board Members, Executive Directors, Finance Committees, Audit Committees, and CFO’s.

October 14, 2015    2:30 – 4:30PM

Location:  American Red Cross

3901 Broadway (at 40th)  Oakland

Cost: $10

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** Sponsored by BPM Accountants and Consultants.

Facilitator: Burr Pilger Mayer (BPM) provides meaningful, comprehensive financial and business counsel. They are experts in accounting, tax, and finance, and their people are distinguished by their knowledge, discipline, and unremitting commitment to the success of clients.

As one of the largest California-based accounting and consulting firms, BPM has served the Bay Area’s emerging and mid-cap businesses as well as high net worth individuals for the past 26 years. Their SEC practice is one of the largest in the U.S., serving public companies throughout Silicon Valley and across the nation. Their highly specialized consultants are accredited turnaround advisors, valuation analysts, forensic accountants, senior appraisers, and more.

Momentum Marketing 

Making the Best Use of Social Media

A basics class for nonprofits wanting to use social media effectively. We will discuss real-world techniques, tools and strategies, as well as help you develop a plan to sustain your efforts. This class is intended to get you started with a solid foundation, so you’ll be able to accomplish great things with limited resources.

Topics covered will be:

• Getting started
• Developing a social media mindset for your organization
• Working with your mission and vision to ensure your social media communications are
• Organizing, managing and re-purposing your content
• Writing content that will be most effective
• Employee policies for posting
• Adding infographics, graphics, images and video for greatest impact
• Additional tools and tips to help you manage social media like a pro
• Integrating social media with your other marketing and communications campaigns
• Sustaining your momentum

We will also share resources and tools essential for anyone wanting to master social media for effective, strategic communications for their organization. This will include a question and answer period and class participation for sharing your experiences.

Thursday November 5, 2015           9AM – 11AM

Concord Police Department

1350 Galindo Street     Concord

To Register:  Click here

 Cost*: $35  for Member Agencies and $50 for Non Member Agencies

*  There is a $10 non-refundable registration fee.  Registration is in accordance to VCEB Policy.

Facilitator: Joyce Davis, Senior Graphic Designer / Art Director, has been creating strategic branding and graphic design for non-profit and business clients, at Bay Area ad agencies and design studios, as well in her own marketing design business, Square One Creative. Her system for integrating social media into an effective marketing mix stems from her years working for national brands, national foundations and small businesses. She has experience teaching business classes and software classes, as well as having served as a part-time instructor in digital design and integrated marketing at the Academy of Art, San Francisco.


*Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Individual registered attendees must cancel their paid registration in writing by noon 3 business days prior to an event to qualify for a refund.  There is a $10 non-refundable registration for all trainings.  Cancellations received without sufficient notice or those who are a no-show are not entitled to a refund.  Registrants who cancel will not receive materials.

VCEB reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment, or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable.  If VCEB cancels an event, all effort will be made to provide sufficient notice and paid registrants will be given a full refund.

If you register for a workshop or seminar during the 48 hours before the start, please call or email VCEB to confirm that the workshop is meeting as planned.

For additional information, please contact

What others are saying about training classes:

I found the material to be incredibly relevant, immediately applicable and presented in a very “feet-on-the-ground” manner. I enjoyed the chance to work with the other attendees in the group exercise, learning from the different perspectives and also validating some of the beliefs I carry into the workplace. I recommend this seminar be attended by both a board member and a staff member from interested organizations.

Thanks for the opportunity to attend.

Bill Mulgrew
Executive Director
Castro Valley/Eden Area Chamber