Volunteer Center Upcoming Trainings

Volunteers are the lifeblood of many nonprofit and public agencies and enable agencies to deliver on their missions. Yet learning how to recruit, manage and motivate people along with your legal obligations is difficult to pick up on one’s own. Join us at our trainings for nonprofit agencies. We can help you gain the skills and resources you need to build and maintain volunteer support. We offer trainings in both Alameda and Contra Costa County.

Registration and advance payment are required for every session. Please call Heidi Denzler-Halsey at (925) 472-5760 or contact us by email if you have questions.

Some classes are offered by Hanson Bridgett LLP in partnership with the VCEB. Hanson Bridgett LLP is proud to provide trainers in order to enhance the capacity of 600 nonprofits in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.


Focused & Functional Personnel Management Series

You asked for a series that focuses on the most gnarly, groan-inducing human resources issues. Well here it is – topics identified by seminar attendees as needing their own in-depth workshops.

Workplace Investigations - What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

When are you required to investigate? Can you demand confidentiality? Can the person making a complaint do it anonymously? What if people refuse to participate? Do you have to share the results of the investigation? With whom? Do you have to decide who’s at fault? Why bother doing one? The laws are changing and your policies and procedures need to as well.  Be prepared to do it right.

November 5, 2014         9-11AM

Concord Police Department      1350 Galindo Street        Concord

Cost*:  $35 per training for Member Agencies and $50 per training for Non Member Agencies

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 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do  - The Nitty Gritty of Terminating Employees & Volunteers

You’ve trained, you’ve coached, you’ve counseled; it’s not working and you need to act.  And no, it’s not cool to break up with your employees by email.  How do you prepare? Who should be there? Where do you sit? What do you say? Do you need to make them leave right away? How do you communicate it to others in the organization?  Knowing how to end relationships well is as important in work life as it is in personal life.  Plus there’s that legal stuff. We’ll walk you through it.

December 3, 2014            9-11AM

Concord Police Department      1350 Galindo Street        Concord

Cost*:  $35 per training for Member Agencies  and $50 per training for Non Member Agencies

To Register: Click here  for Session 4 – Terminating Employees & Volunteers

Facilitator: Sarah Mott an attorney with Zelle Hofmann advises and defends employers in all aspects of employment and labor law. For more than 20 years, she has represented California employers in the public, private and non-profit sectors to create effective working environments. Sarah’s extensive litigation and trial practice includes a wide variety of class action, wage and hour, discrimination and harassment, retaliation and “whistleblower” cases.

Sarah advises employers on a broad range of employment and labor issues, including performance management, diversity, hiring and firing, discrimination and retaliation. She frequently conducts management training sessions tailored to clients’ needs. Sarah’s practice also includes investigation of harassment complaints, contract negotiations and representation of employers in administrative proceedings and arbitrations. Sarah works with private employers in the technology, manufacturing, food, restaurant, retail, healthcare, education, senior housing, publishing, and transportation industries. Her clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to local boutique businesses.

Introducing VCEB’s Peer to Peer Roundtable Discussions

Use 1 hour to discuss issues, education, and strategies that impact your nonprofit agency with your peers in the industry.  These small group conversations will be held at our office in Walnut Creek (700 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #140) on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.     Cost*:  $15 for Member agencies

Please arrive at 8:45AM to check in and enjoy a light breakfast.  Share your reflections and strategies and gain insight from others who are in the nonprofit sector.

November:  Volunteer Management Roundtable

Volunteers are not free!  Share with others your success and challenges surrounding recruitment, interviewing and placement.  What recruiting methods have you considered adding? How do you leverage volunteers, technology, and staff to help with the process? Join us for this month’s conversation!

November 12, 2014                                9AM – 10AM

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Facilitated by:  DeeDee Robillard

Dee Dee Robillard is a Project Coordinator at the Volunteer Center of the East Bay.  She facilitates corporate volunteer matching and is program coordinator for Corporate Caring Volunteer Week, Share the Spirit programs, and Youth Action Days.  In addition she manages the website, social media, and VCEB’s dedicated volunteers.

December:  Development

The development roundtable will follow the different stages of the fundraising continuum, with each meeting devoted to one stage. These stages include donor identification, donor research, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship.

December 10, 2014                                9AM – 10AM

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Faciliated by:  John Sterns

John has 15 years’ experience in fundraising for foundations, universities and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and overseas. He is familiar with all types of philanthropy, ranging from annual funds and events to institutional gifts, major gifts and planned giving. His background also includes work in marketing and communications.

JanuaryMarketing/Communications Roundtable

The good points and the challenging points to using social media.

January 14, 2015                         9AM – 10AM

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Faciliated by:  John Sterns

If you are interested in having these Peer to Peer Roundtable Discussions offered in Alameda County and have a space in which to host us, please contact

Leadership Academy

Introducing VCEB’s Leadership Academy!

Leadership is an art that can be learned.

These small, interactive classes are focused on you and enhancing your leadership skills. Take one or take them all.  These 90-minute trainings will be held on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 3:00 – 4:30PM at VCEB’s Walnut Creek office.  We are located at 700 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #140, Walnut Creek.

Cost*:  $35/session for Member Agencies and $50/session for Non Member Agencies.

Public Speaking  

November 20, 2014

Public speaking doesn’t have to be one of the scariest events in your life! It is an art that can be learned and polished until you actually look forward to opportunities to share the great events happening in your nonprofit. Learn the elements that will build your confidence and strengthen the message for maximum impact on your audience.

Facilitator:  Jo A.S. Loss  joined the Volunteer Center in May 2012 as Executive Director.  Jo comes with a rich history of volunteerism, notably with the California State PTA where she served as President in 2009-2011. During more than twenty years of service to California’s children and families, Jo held positions as Vice President of Education, Vice President of Leadership Services and served on many statewide committees and commissions.  She was appointed to the State Superintendent of Schools Preschool to College Council for six years. Jo is a seasoned public speaker and has offered workshops on dozen of topics.  Jo is currently a Trustee on the Board of Education for Castro Valley Unified School District, having served as a locally elected official for nineteen years.

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Resolving Conflict

December 18, 2014

Learn practical tips and techniques for working out issues with volunteers, co-workers and friends.  These points will aid you in creating win/win situations and negotiating positive outcomes for small and big challenges.  Come learn skills that you can use both professionally and personally

Facilitator: Jo A.S. Loss

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Academy Trainings to watch for in 2015

How to Advocate (make Sacramento listen to you)                                Presentation Techniques

Art & Language of Leadership                                                                Goal Setting Process

How to Facilitate Brainstorming Sessions                                              Volunteer Team Building

Training the Trainer                                                                 Volunteer/Employee Recognition

Understanding Governance                                                                     Energizing Your Board

Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch – How to Craft Messages with the Most Impact

Performance Management:  Angry Parent Or Effective Boss? *

Managing Employees’ Performance and Dealing with Disciplinary Issues

No supervisor wants to feel like a scolding teacher, parent, or jail warden.  But it’s important to deal with employees’ performance, behavioral, and attendance issues in a way that minimizes legal risk and maximizes organizational success.  Come learn the basics, as well as effective techniques and strategies that you can put in place right away.

November 12, 2014                3-4:30PM                                                                                                                                                      The English Center        Jack London Square           66 Franklin Street #220           Oakland

Cost:  $10

*  Sponsored by Hanson Bridgett LLP

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There is a $10 non-refundable registration fee for this Pro-Bono legal training .  Priority registration given to member agencies.  Registration in accordance with VCEB Policy

BoardWorks™:  3 Hours to Better Governance

This highly participative workshop will challenge you to re-think what it means to serve on a nonprofit board and, if you’re an executive director, what it means to work in partnership with your board as a leadership team. We will introduce you to a model of governance that promises to rekindle the interest and passion that motivated you to join a board in the first place. And, we will address the persistent issues that get in the way of healthy, high functioning board/executive director relationships: Who is in charge of what? Is the board the boss? How do we create an engaged board that knows its boundaries? And the biggest issue of all: Whose fault is it if we don’t have enough money?

Here’s what past participants have said:

“Everything in this training was applicable! It applied to every aspect of our current

board and organizational structure.”

“Now I have clarity of whose job is what and how to do it well.”

“Sitting with my board members and learning the difference between board and staff responsibilities was life-altering. And now we both know what a board meeting agenda ought to look like to take full advantage of our time together.”

“I’m looking forward to bringing this thinking about board roles and relationships with staff back to the board. I wish I’d gone through this training when I first joined the board.”

Join us on January 29, 2015 as we bring BoardWorks™ to Alameda County. We encourage executive directors to attend with their board chairs, governance committee chairs, and other board members.

Sign-up early.  Participation is limited to 20 to ensure a quality experience.

January 29, 2015                    5:00PM – 8:00PM                   Check-in begins at 4:45PM

Castro Valley Sanitary District Board Room    21040 Marshall Street    Castro Valley

Cost*:       $125 for Member Agencies                                                                                                                                                               $150 for Non Member Agencies

Fee includes dinner and materials.

To Register:  Click here

* Registration in accordance to VCEB Policy.  A minimum of 7 participants is required to conduct this training.

About the Speaker:  Liz Callahan, MA, ACC, has been consulting with nonprofit organizations since 1993 and spent more than 20 years working in nonprofit organizations, in academia, and in government prior to that.  She co-founded The CBO Center in 2006, a nonprofit management support organization serving the East Bay, and recently returned to private practice following its merger with CompassPoint Nonprofit Services.

Liz’s work is in organizational and individual transformation. Her deep knowledge of nonprofits and the environment in which they do their work, along with her own experience as an executive director and her extensive and ongoing training in a variety of methodologies, give Liz an uncommon perspective on how to create change. Liz’s consulting areas include: governance, planning, leadership development, strategic partnerships, post-merger consolidation, team effectiveness, project management, and Matrix Management 2.0™. She coaches individual leaders, boards of directors, leadership teams and collaborations, and has developed and delivered workshops in board governance, organizational accountability, project management, the Board/ED relationship, meeting design and facilitation, and team effectiveness. She describes BoardWorks™ as “the jewel in the crown” of her workshop portfolio.

Liz is an ICF-certified executive coach, a trained Organization & Relationship Systems™ coach, and a certified Team Diagnostic™ coach.  She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from New School University in New York City.

Coming in January 2015

Risk Management Training  –  It is critical that nonprofits understand their insurance parameters just as any business does.  Watch for our training on risk management for current and vital information on how to protect your volunteers, agency and staff.

Coming in February 2015

Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors

Fulfill your mandatory obligation or participate in a best practice.  All California employers who (a) provide direct or indirect services through a contract with or funding by any public entity, (b) utilize volunteer services of 50 or more persons in a year or (c) employ 50 or more persons, are required by Government code Section 12950.1 to provide their supervisors with mandatory sexual harassment training of two hours length every two years.

A repeat of our 4-part series on the

Nuts & Bolts of California Wage and Hour Laws by  popular attorney, Sarah Mott.

*Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Individual registered attendees must cancel their paid registration in writing by noon 3 business days prior to an event to qualify for a refund.  There is a $10 non-refundable registration for all trainings.  Cancellations received without sufficient notice or those who are a no-show are not entitled to a refund.  Registrants who cancel will not receive materials.

VCEB reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment, or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable.  If VCEB cancels an event, all effort will be made to provide sufficient notice and paid registrants will be given a full refund.

If you register for a workshop or seminar during the 48 hours before the start, please call or email VCEB to confirm that the workshop is meeting as planned.

For additional information, please contact

What others are saying about training classes:

I want to thank you for putting on such a great Volunteer Management Training yesterday. It was wonderful to hear about other organizations and their volunteer programs, and to receive so much great advice on how to build and manage a better volunteer program. I am so excited to revamp our volunteer program and create a workplan based on the tips that you provided yesterday. I look forward to attending additional trainings (budget allowing) in the future.

- Alicia Gallo, Outreach Coordinator
Richmond Main Street Initiative