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Volunteers are the lifeblood of many nonprofit and public agencies and enable agencies to deliver on their missions. Yet learning how to recruit, manage and motivate people along with your legal obligations is difficult to pick up on one’s own. Join us at our trainings for nonprofit agencies. Also, remember that in non-profit management, training doesn’t apply only to the employees.  Training volunteers may be even more essential, especially in an organization in which volunteers are the interface with the customers or the public.  We can help both employees and volunteers gain the skills and resources they need to make your Agency the best it can be. We offer trainings in both Alameda and Contra Costa County.

Registration and advance payment are required for every session. Please call Heidi Denzler-Halsey at (925) 472-5760 or contact us by email if you have questions.

Some of our legal classes are offered by Hanson Bridgett LLP in partnership with the VCEB. VCEB has  also partnered with BPM Accountants and Consultants to offer low cost financial and accounting trainings. Both of these organizations are proud to provide trainers in order to enhance the capacity of 600 nonprofits in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.


Peer to Peer Roundtable Discussion

Use 1 hour to discuss issues, education, and strategies that impact your nonprofit agency with your peers in the industry. These small group conversations will be held at our office in Walnut Creek (700 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #140) on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Registration fee is $15 for Member agencies
Please arrive at 8:45AM to check in and enjoy a light breakfast. Share your reflections and strategies and gain insight from others who are in the nonprofit sector.

July 8, 2015    Volunteer Management

Focus: Working with Multi-Generational Staff & Volunteers

Most organizations today have a mixture of generations on their volunteer crews. With each emerging generation comes a new attitude, work ethic, life experience and priorities. Managing volunteers with generational diversity presents its own very unique challenges. What challenges are you experiencing?

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Facilitator: Dee Dee Robillard is a Project Coordinator at the Volunteer Center of the East Bay. She facilitates corporate volunteer matching and is program coordinator for Corporate Caring Volunteer Week, Share the Spirit programs, and Youth Action Days. In addition she manages the website, social media, and VCEB’s dedicated volunteers

Leadership Academy

Leadership is an art that can be learned. These small, interactive classes are focused on you and enhancing your leadership skills. Trainings will be held from 3:00 – 4:30PM at VCEB’s Walnut Creek office. Cost is $35/session for Member Agencies and $50/session for Non Member Agencies*.

How to Facilitate Effective & Efficient Meetings

All of us spend a lot of time in meetings. Learn some practical tools and techniques to make them more productive and maybe shorter! You will experience real life ways to facilitate the everyday meetings, plus hints to help you handle a challenging one. There are many ways that you as a facilitator or participant can make them more engaging and worthwhile. These skills are needed by all staff, volunteers and board members.

Thursday July 16, 2015 3PM – 4:30PM

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How to Facilitate Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming combines a relaxed, informal approach to problem solving with lateral thinking. It encourages people to come up with thoughts and ideas that can, at first, seem a bit crazy. Some of these ideas can be crafted into original, creative solutions to a problem, while others can spark even more ideas. This helps to get people unstuck by “jolting” them out of their normal ways of thinking. Brainstorming can be an effective way to generate lots of ideas on a specific issue and then determine which idea – or ideas – is the best solution.
Taking the time to brainstorm ideas is an investment in the future and a way to demonstrate to the participants how valuable they are. But if you don’t plan and facilitate it correctly, it can be viewed as a waste of time. Join us for an interactive session on how to maximize your investment and have people really be heard.

Thursday August 20, 2015 3PM – 4:30PM

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* There is a $10 non-refundable registration fee. Registration is in accordance to VCEB Policy.


Coming Soon to the Leadership Academy

Great Presentations – They Don’t Appear By Magic!

Financial Statements for Board Members**

Understanding how to communicate your nonprofit organization’s story through the financial statements is essential for board members and management. This session will provide an overview of nonprofit financial statements, highlight key indicators associated with the financial health of an organization, and help board members and management understand how to fulfill your financial fiduciary responsibility. This session is intended for Board Members, Executive Directors, Finance Committees, Audit Committees, and CFO’s.

Tuesday July 14, 2015   9-11AM

Location:  BPM Accountants and Consultants     2001 North Main Street #360 Walnut Creek

August 6, 2015   2:30 – 4:30PM

Location:  The English Center

66 Franklin Street #210   Jack London Square   Oakland

Cost: $10

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To Register for the Oakland Location:  Click here 

Audit Readiness – Reduce Your Audit Fees**

An audit properly planned and executed is not only  less of a burden on you and your staff, but also can reduce your audit fees. Find out some techniques to begin, manage and close out the audit process efficiently and effectively and … maybe a few things to request of your audit firm to make it happen. This course is designed for the experienced financial executive.

Thursday July 16, 2015    2:30 – 4:30PM

The English Center

66 Franklin #210   Jack London Square   Oakland

Tuesday August 11, 2015     9-11AM

BPM Accounting & Consulting

2001 North Main Street #260 Walnut Creek

Cost*:    $10

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** These 2 trainings are sponsored by BPM Accountants and Consultants.

Facilitator: Burr Pilger Mayer (BPM) provides meaningful, comprehensive financial and business counsel. They are experts in accounting, tax, and finance, and their people are distinguished by their knowledge, discipline, and unremitting commitment to the success of clients.

As one of the largest California-based accounting and consulting firms, BPM has served the Bay Area’s emerging and mid-cap businesses as well as high net worth individuals for the past 26 years. Their SEC practice is one of the largest in the U.S., serving public companies throughout Silicon Valley and across the nation. Their highly specialized consultants are accredited turnaround advisors, valuation analysts, forensic accountants, senior appraisers, and more.


*Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Individual registered attendees must cancel their paid registration in writing by noon 3 business days prior to an event to qualify for a refund.  There is a $10 non-refundable registration for all trainings.  Cancellations received without sufficient notice or those who are a no-show are not entitled to a refund.  Registrants who cancel will not receive materials.

VCEB reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment, or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable.  If VCEB cancels an event, all effort will be made to provide sufficient notice and paid registrants will be given a full refund.

If you register for a workshop or seminar during the 48 hours before the start, please call or email VCEB to confirm that the workshop is meeting as planned.

For additional information, please contact

What others are saying about training classes:

I found the material to be incredibly relevant, immediately applicable and presented in a very “feet-on-the-ground” manner. I enjoyed the chance to work with the other attendees in the group exercise, learning from the different perspectives and also validating some of the beliefs I carry into the workplace. I recommend this seminar be attended by both a board member and a staff member from interested organizations.

Thanks for the opportunity to attend.

Bill Mulgrew
Executive Director
Castro Valley/Eden Area Chamber