Help Nepal Quake Victims

Nepal Quake contains more links to several organizations helping quake victims in Nepal in many different ways. See if one is right for you. Or check out the UN information:

Two days ago the United Nations activated MicroMappers, which is a crowdmapping site that was developed in conjunction with the UN and the Standby Task Force.  The system works by presenting either a Tweet or image from locals in Nepal on your smartphone, and requesting you respond by pressing a button associated with a choice on your screen.  The idea is that the responses are aggregated and the data are presented to the UN for action. The images and tweets are geo-tagged, so if enough people independently rank damage, the response managers have a better idea of where to send their resources.

To learn more and see how it works – go to   Both Android and IOS are supported and require an app for your smartphone.


School will soon be out, volunteering can be in! As school winds down, we celebrate the youth who volunteer for the fun of it, to explore interests, to meet new people and make new friends, to build resume and college application experience, to share talents and skills, or advance the common good. And, parents also know that volunteering is a great way to get them out of the house! Search for youth volunteer opportunities: Student volunteering or

Save the date – upcoming CERT training!

The California CERT Advisory Workgroup will be holding a one day CERT Conference on Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 in Richmond California.  An additional half day is scheduled for Monday June 29th (after lunch) with additional training workshops (think of this as pre conference training).  This conference will similar to the regional workshop held in Costa Mesa in 2014 and is open to Program Managers, Instructors and Volunteers. For more info, contact or call 916-650-6959!

Register for Earth Day projects!

Earth Day / Youth Action is a free, easy way for youth, groups, and families to help local nonprofits in their community. As an Earth Day / Youth Action Volunteer participant, you have the opportunity to select a project for your group and then take a leadership role in making the project meaningful and fun for those involved. You may also register as an individual! There are many ways to help for all ages! Click here to see available projects and sign up today!

SPRING into volunteering!

Spring is a time of renewal and hope for many, and it’s great to see flowering trees and other signs of the season. Spring is also a great time to plant the seed of volunteerism. We have many one day projects coming up in March and April – many chances to get out with your family, sports team, youth group, co-workers, or just on your own working with an awesome East Bay nonprofit organization. It feels great to give back, and we can help you find the right place. Check out our calendar or search ongoing opportunities!


New Classes Added for Nonprofits!

volunteer handsVolunteers are the lifeblood of many nonprofit and public agencies and enable agencies to deliver on their missions. Yet learning how to recruit, manage and motivate people along with your legal obligations is difficult to pick up on one’s own. Join us at our trainings for nonprofit agencies. We can help you gain the skills and resources you need to build and maintain volunteer support. We offer trainings in both Alameda and Contra Costa County – See more here!

February is heart month!

We all know that exercise, eating right, and not smoking are good for our heart health. Volunteering has long been known for its “feel good” qualities, but did you know it is actually good for your heart?  Turns out there is actually a physical benefit to volunteering.

felt heartsCanadian researchers followed 106 volunteering high school students for 10 weeks and discovered cholesterol, BMI and inflammation dropped after their opportunity for service compared to a group of their peers who didn’t get the chance to give back, Everyday Health reported.

MLK Day of Service Projects available!

MLK Day of Service/ Youth Action Day is January 19th, 2015! Volunteer projects are available for individuals and groups; we have projects to do through your own school or organization, and with local nonprofits! Register today!MLK what doing

Resolve to Volunteer in 2015

FIVE great reasons to make a volunteering resolution this year:

Very few things are as mutually beneficial as volunteering – to our community, to a nonprofit, to a recipient, and even to the volunteer themselves. Here are a few reasons to add volunteering to your resolution list this year! Very few things are as mutually beneficial as volunteering — to our community, to a nonprofit, to a recipient, and
even to the volunteer yourself. Here are a few reasons to add volunteering to your resolution list this year!

1. VOLUNTEERING IS A GREAT VALUE to the volunteer and the nonprofit to the recipient and the community. Did you know that the average value of a volunteer hour to a nonprofit is $22.55? (Of course, communities benefit if members are better off; the clients served are the direct beneficiaries of your time.)
2. VOLUNTEERING IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. Countless studies have proven that doing good is actually good for your physical and mental well being. Get the health boost from making a difference!
3. VOLUNTEERING ACTUALLY DOESN’T TAKE THAT MUCH TIME. Studies of volunteers have shown that people who volunteer don’t really do more than those who don’t, nor do they have to give up other activities in order to find the time. Well, actually, the one area shows a change is that regular volunteers do watch slightly less television than non-volunteers. And isn’t that on your resolution list anyway?
4. VOLUNTEERING HELPS CREATE AND FIND JOBS. If you are searching for employment this year, keep in mind that volunteers are 27% more likely to get hired, and that more than 3/4 of hiring managers consider volunteer experience to be important when assessing a candidate.
5. VOLUNTEERING IS GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. Efficient use of resources helps all of us. Need we say more?
*BONUS REASON: VOLUNTEERING STRENGTHENS THE COMMUNITY AND WORKPLACE. Studies show that workplace volunteering benefits both the community and the employer and employee relationship. Because employees are happier, they can be more productive, and everyone benefits when the community is stronger. Get started today!


Support The Volunteer Center of the East Bay

Pleasdonate nowe consider making a year-end gift to support the vital work that our volunteers perform with hundreds of nonprofits throughout the East Bay. Thank you!