Help Nepal Quake Victims

This link for Nepal Quake aid contains links to several organizations helping quake victims in Nepal in many different ways if you’d like to lend a hand or support.

Or check out the UN information: Two days ago the United Nations activated MicroMappers, which is a crowdmapping site that was developed in conjunction with the UN and the Standby Task Force.  The system works by presenting either a Tweet or image from locals in Nepal on your smartphone, and requesting you respond by pressing a button associated with a choice on your screen.  The idea is that the responses are aggregated and the data are presented to the UN for action. The images and tweets are geo-tagged, so if enough people independently rank damage, the response managers have a better idea of where to send their resources.

To learn more and see how it works – go to   Both Android and IOS are supported and require an app for your smartphone.